Turn any Camera Enabled Device into a Barcode Scanner

A top view of a conveyor belt with three boxes with barcode labels

Cameras mounted on Robots, Drones, Self-Service Kiosks, Processing Systems and Mobile Devices can be enabled to scan barcodes with the Viziotix Barcode SDK.  The Barcode SDK is suitable for use in all professional barcode applications including in Logistics, Retail, Transportation, Healthcare and Manufacturing.

A series of 6 logos illustrating the possibles devices that run Viziotix barcode SDK

Robotic and Drone Inventory Scanning in Logistics

Automated inventory scanning by Robots and Drones is replacing manual processes in Warehouse and Distribution Centers.

The device’s cameras image the pallets and the images are then processed to scan the pallet and location codes against the WMS system data.

The Viziotix Barcode SDK allows the scanning of multiple barcodes per label and multiple labels per frame. Our Nano-Scan algorithm provides extended depth of field to cope with long scanning range and the variety of shapes and sizes of stored goods.

An aisle of a warehouse with pallets being scanned for barcodes by a camera on a flying drone

Control or sorting and conveyor systems using fixed cameras in Healthcare and Post & Parcel

Using industrial cameras mounted into processing systems allows the fast scanning of item codes in healthcare, storage and sorting systems to ensure item traceability.

Our Barcode SDK scans images in milliseconds to maximize the accuracy and productivity of these systems.

A complicated conveyor system sorting many boxes with barcode labels
A PCB board with many components labeled with barcodes

Inventory Robots and Smart-cart scanning in Retail

Shelf-management and point of sale are critical processes in retail. Robots in grocery are now used to manage the stocks in front-of-house and alert workers to errors and out-of-stocks. The Viziotix Barcode SDK’s speed and Nano-Scan features allow cameras on these devices to rapidly scan shelf-edge labels and therefore maximize the performance of these robots.

The Barcode SDK is also applicable to self-service (POS etc) kiosks, smart shopping carts and baskets with cameras. The latter are being trialed worldwide to provide an improved shopping experience. Our Multi-Scan feature allows many product item codes to be scanned in the same image as a method to identify or verify items being placed in the basket.

Refrigerated shelves in a retail store packed with cheeses and showing barcode shelf-edge labels

Scanning items and tickets in self-service kiosks and access control in Retail and Transportation

Fast and accurate scanning of entry badges, tickets and loyalty cards is essential to manage the high throughputs found in Self-Service. Low resolution cameras with high frame rates can be used to rapidly scan an image in less than 10ms.

The advanced Viziotix 2D algorithms scan QR Codes, Aztec, Datamatrix, PDF417 and other codes used in these applications.

A self-service ticketing machine with a barcode scanning camera scanning a code on a smartphone screen presented by a user
A self-service kiosk with a barcode scanning camera scanning a code on a smartphone screen presented by a user