Locate and Scan Many Barcodes Per Image
with Maxi-Scan

Unique Algorithm for Batch-Barcode-Scanning

Maxi-Scan is a unique algorithm to scan many barcodes at once

A perfect solution for applications that need to scan many barcodes on cases, palettes or racks – or wherever many codes need to be scanned at once.

Maxi-Scan Scans all the Barcodes

Maxi-Scan allows every barcode in an image to be scanned at once. All the barcodes are captured and decoded for improved productivity.

Viziotix Smart-Findr

First the Smart-Findr algorithm scans the entire image to locate every barcode in milliseconds. Even barcodes in corners and near edges are found. This works even when image resolution is limited, barcodes are truncated (low height) and with a mix of 1D and 2D barcodes.

Faster Development

The unique location technology removes the need for your development to pre-treat or crop images to find barcodes. This can save significant development time and speed your project’s time to market.

Maxi-Scan Decodes

Then Maxi-Scan decodes an unlimited number of barcodes per image and enables your application to achieve levels of performance and efficiency far above software designed for single-item scanning.

Image showing Viziotix software to scan barcodes with cameras. Many barcodes, 28 to be precise, are being scanned in one image with Maxi-Scan enabled in the Viziotix barcode scanner SDK. Viziotix barcode reader SDK. Viziotix barcode decoder SDK.

Many barcodes scanned in one image with the Viziotix SDK. All the barcodes are scanned and the data available to the application, including number and location in the image.

Medical packs with Data Matrix barcodes scanned by Viziotix. The Viziotix barcode reader SDK can scan many barcodes. Viziotix barcode scanner sdk. Viziotix barcode decoder sdk.

Pharma packs with Data Matrix barcodes can be quickly verified by reading all the codes in one scan. This function enables fast verification in manufacturing, shipping and receiving.

Try Maxi-Scan - Free!

Maxi-Scan is an option in the Viziotix Barcode Decoder SDK that allows the scanning of five to an unlimited number of barcodes per image. Scanning many barcodes per image allows high-resolution cameras in automation or on smartphones to work at much higher rates than conventional barcode scanners. This increases productivity and provides up-to-the minute data to enterprise applications. Test Maxi-Scan using the Free-Trial link below.

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