Unbeatable Barcode Decoder SDK

For Professional Enterprise Solutions on Any Camera.

Faster Scan Rate

Faster to market with quick integration. Barcode Decoder SDK runs on generic hardware.

Higher Scan Success Rates

Hi-speed barcode decoding with the highest scan success rates.

Lower Integration Time

Fully supported software for your product and customer success.

Powerful Barcode Decoder SDK

The Viziotix Barcode Decoder SDK enables powerful barcode scanning and decoding from images or video streams. It provides a library of ready-to-use barcode decoding programs in the form of a middleware component.

The barcode library component provides fast scanning with the highest scan success rates, making it ideal for intensive, enterprise scanning applications.

Viziotix barcode decoder SDK scans barcodes on medicine production line. Also known as Barcode Scanner SDK or Barcode Reader SDK

The barcoder decoder SDK easily integrates into your applications and solutions to decode and read barcodes on any camera enabled device – including robots, drones, and mobile smart-devices. 

Viziotix Barcode SDK Symbology List

Enterprise-Grade Scanning

Fast, accurate scanning  –  even on the most difficult barcodes:

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Barcode Decoder SDK Features

3 sets of 8 barcodes in an image with each scanned by a different barcode decoder SDK. Only the Viziotix barcode decoder SDK scans all the barcodes. Viziotix barcode reader SDK. Viziotix barcode decoder SDK.

A unique barcode finder technology, Viziotix Smart-Findr, scans entire images for areas of interest to find all the barcodes.

The Maxi-Scan feature can be used to decode 5 to an unlimited number of barcodes in each image.

burred barcode Image of a 1D barcode taken with a low resolution camera where the bars are hard to separate.

Sub-Pixel resolution compensates for blur and scans barcodes below the resolution limits of the camera. 

More barcodes are scanned and at double the scanning distance.

Barcode Decoder in Action

Software Resources to Download

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Barcode Decoder SDKs

  • Everything you need to integrate barcode scanning
  • 30-day Free Trial License to support your in-house development and testing needs

When your solution is validated, simply contact us for a production license for the features you require.

Workstation Apps

  • A workstation Demo App allows you to test images obtained from your application on your chosen camera or device
  • Simple tool as an app (no development required) allows you to quickly check compatibility between your images and our barcode decoder SDK
  • Available with a free trial license for Windows and Linux

Demo Apps

  • Download the Viziotix BarcodeScan Demo app on the app stores. See the incredible performance of our Barcode Decoder on your smartphone. 

How Does It Work?


Download the free trial software from the website, including Demos and the SDKs…


Integrate the SDK within the environment of your App, Robot or Solution.


Configure the settings to optimize for your application and barcode symbologies. Viziotix Support can advise based on your images.


Request a production license key. Your Solution is ready to decode! It locates and analyzes all the barcodes acquired by the camera.


Viziotix Barcode Decoder SDK Specifications


  • 1D Barcodes
    UPC-A/UPC-E, EAN-8/13, JAN-8/13
    GS1 Databar (all models) Code 128/ GS1-128
    Code 39 (Std and Full ASCII) Interleaved 2of5 (ITF)
    MSI Plessey
    Code 32 (Italian Pharmacode)
  • 2D Barcodes
    QR Code
    Data Matrix/DMRE/GS1 Data Matrix
    Aztec Code


  • Scan Distance:
    Extended range with sub-pixel resolution. Example: Code 128 15mil: up to 72cm. Exact range depends on code and camera resolution
  • Rotation:
    360 degrees
  • Scan Angle (code 128) :
    Pitch: +/- 77° – Roll (Tilt): +/- 360° – Skew
    (Yaw): +/- 66°
  • Decode speed:
    Down to 5ms (depending on CPU, image size and contents)
  • Damaged Codes:
    Algorithms for blur, glare, physical damage, etc…


  • Operating Systems Supported:
    Linux Ubuntu, Windows, Android & iOS
  • CPU:
    ARM, ARM 64, X86, X86_64
  • GPU:
    Supported and optimized for NVIDIA
  • Camera:
    All camera types supported (Industrial cameras, Mobile Devices, Camera Modules, Fixed and Auto-focus)
  • Image Formats:
    Most common formats supported for Demo App
  • Resolution:
    sub-pixel resolution (Nano-Scan algorithm) provides excellent performance on all camera and image sizes. 720p and up will increase scan range
  • Scanning substrates:
    Labels, Laser Etched, Screens – even on difficult to read or damaged barcodes and out-of-focus images

Are you a developer of applications or scanning devices?

If you are looking to use camera equipped-devices for barcode scanning then download the Free Trial SDK and check out the Demo Apps!

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