Experts in Barcode Scanning

Our Mission is to Turn Vision Into Data

We are specialists in Computer-Vision and Barcode Scanning. Our team of experts in barcode scanning started with this technology in 1994 and designed handheld scanners and mobile computer scan modules for global industry leaders in automatic data capture. These smart products were breakthrough drivers of business workflow transformation and they are deployed in retail, logistics, transportation and healthcare applications worldwide.

We founded Viziotix in 2021 to use our expertise to provide ground-breaking Barcode Scanner Software SDKs that turn any camera into a powerful barcode scanner. At Viziotix we are driven by the new opportunity to support enterprise automation using Computer-Vision for robotics, drones, smartphones and other smart-devices and, by doing so, continue to drive global enterprise productivity.

Image of a warehouse with racking system and pallets. The image is overlaid with a blue, electronic augmented reality to show data being analysed by Viziotix barcode scanning. Viziotix are experts in barcode scanning.

Experts in Barcode Scanning

A photo of the four Viziotix founders. All experts in barcode scanning. professional barcode scanner software.

Viziotix founders from left to right: Patrice Thebault (Software Platforms), Vincent Bessettes (Software & Image Processing), Franck Laffargue (Software and Computer-Vision) & Cedric Mollon (CEO). 

Our Partners

Viziotix is selected by Nubbo to join their startup incubation program and ecosystem. Nubbo is a leading French startup incubator.

Nubbo is a startup incubator and accelerator that supports innovative ideas and companies in the French Midi-Pyrénées region.

Robotics Place logo to show that Viziotix is a member.

Robotics Place brings together robotics experts in France to jointly develop responses to technological and economic challenges in France and worldwide.

The logo for Sicoval

Sicoval and Prologue,
regional partner for innovative startups in France.

Are you are a developer of applications or scanning devices?

A laptop with the Viziotix Demo App on the screen.
If you are looking to use camera equipped devices for barcode scanning then download the Free Trial SDK and Demo App!