Barcode Scanning Software

We provide Enterprise-Grade Computer-Vision Software that enables the capture of data from images streamed from cameras on fixed or mobile devices .

Our first product is a Barcode Scanner SDK for efficient and robust software barcode scanning.

Check out our product page for more information on our Barcode SDK.

Why choose Viziotix?

Our Computer-Vision software for barcode scanning is a toolkit to acquire data from images that allows you to build solutions to automate and improve the efficiency of business operations. The barcode decoding software is provided as middleware libraries with an API that can be easily and quickly integrated into your solutions and applications working on fixed cameras or integrated into mobile devices, robots or drones.

Performance: Our technology provides the fastest barcode scanning of small or even very large (high resolution) images that may contain multiple sources and types of data. We locate all the barcodes and decode even when the images have blur, low-light, label printing errors or other issues.

Accuracy: Our barcode software is enterprise grade and is designed and tested to ensure that it is suitable for critical business applications.

Support: We support your evaluation, development and your production phase. We supply regular releases to bring you new features and ensure that the software you deploy is always the best available.

The Viziotix barcode scanning SDKs are suitable for various enterprise applications including Logistics/ Warehouse Management, Retail Inventory, Product or Item Traceability, Self-Service kiosks and Access Control.

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A high warehouse racking system filled with pallets
A robot and tethered drone, both with cameras, in a warehouse scanning barcodes on pallets using the Viziotix barcode SDK
A smartphone showing a QR code on the screen for a barcode scanning payment system
A camera equipped access control gate scanning a barcode off a smartphone screen to approve access

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