Expert Barcode Scanner SDK makes your smart devices scan Every Code Farther Faster

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Barcode Scanner SDK - Turns Any Camera into a Powerful Barcode Scanner

Expert Barcode Scanner SDK for enterprise-grade, software barcode scanning on all camera-enabled devices.
Breaks the technology barriers to enable the highest speed barcode scanning on automated and mobile solutions. Integrate our barcode scanner SDK into your solution or application to enable lightning-fast barcode decoding speeds and the highest scan success rates.




All Cameras

Finds All the Barcodes - in Record Time

Complete Barcode

Locates all the barcodes
in an image.


Analyzes images
and decodes in milliseconds.


Ensures the completeness
and accuracy of the information.

Expert Barcode Scanner SDK for Intensive Applications

Enterprise applications rely on fast barcode scanners for the efficiency of their processes and overall productivity. The Viziotix Barcode Scanner SDK provides exceptional performance for the most demanding applications. Fast and accurate, the SDK boosts the performance of automated or robotic solutions and provides unbeatable scanning for smartphone applications.

Why Viziotix Barcode Scanning?


Quick integration means faster to market.
Runs on any camera and shares generic hardware with other CV solutions.


The fastest barcode scanner
with the highest scan success rates.


Fully supported software to ensure your
product and customer success.

How We Accelerate Your Solutions

These are the measurable business results & improvements reported by our clients

Faster Scan Rate

Work faster when barcode scanning on mobile devices or in robotics automation solutions.

Higher Scan Success Rates

Scan all the barcodes and reduce manual data entry. Ensure the maximum uptake of your application.

Lower Integration Time

Easy to test and quick to integrate to show immediate barcode scanning results in your application or product.

See our Case Studies for full details on how we add performance and value to your barcode solutions.

Boost Efficiency with the Leading Barcode Scanner SDK

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