Manufacturing and Field Service Barcode Scanning

High-Speed Camera Barcode Scanning for Production, Quality and Process Control.

Optimize and Automate Manufacturing Processes

Viziotix barcode scanning software running on fixed cameras or mobile smart devices provides the ideal solution for improving efficiency and automation. You can scan barcodes with cameras at high speed on smartphones or with industrial cameras, drones, or other robotic solutions.

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Advantages of Scanning Barcodes with Cameras

Image showing Viziotix software to scan barcodes with cameras. Many barcodes, 28 to be precise, are being scanned in one image with Maxi-Scan enabled in the Viziotix barcode scanner SDK. Viziotix barcode reader SDK. Viziotix barcode decoder SDK.

Viziotix barcode scanning software scans single codes, multiple barcodes per label, and barcode batches (many barcodes in a single image with Maxi-Scan enabled). This makes the software perfect for every manufacturing process.
A unique advantage of scanning barcodes with cameras is that with batch scanning, you can ensure end-to-end component tracking and verify item counts for quality assurance or shipments.

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Build Solutions using Standard Components

Manufacturing and process engineers can choose standard camera devices and systems to build new process solutions. Viziotix barcode scanning software accelerates process speeds and ensures compliance with in-house or industry standards.

Cost and Future-Proof Benefits

Viziotix Software is hardware independent allowing you to build solutions to your requirements and with alternate supplier sources. Continuous development means that performance increases with each new release and new features will always keep your solution up-to-date.

Field Service & Asset Management

Scan difficult barcodes on assets and service items to ensure process control and increase mobile worker productivity. The same barcode scanner scans inventory at van loading and when checking-out service parts. To scan barcodes with cameras, simply integrate the barcode scanner SDK into the application.

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Made for Manufacturing & Field Service
Scan Barcodes with Cameras

The Viziotix barcode SDK provides high performance camera scanning of the key barcodes used in Manufacturing and Field Service including UPC/EAN/JAN, Code 128/ GS1-128, Code 39 (Std and Full ASCII), Interleaved 2of5, ITF-14, Data Matrix and QR Code.

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