Scan Barcodes with Blur with Nano-Scan

Super resolution mode to increase scanning distances and compensate for blur

The Viziotix barcode reader SDK breaks the sub-pixel resolution limit!

The Nano-Scan algorithm overcomes focus and movement problems to scan barcodes with blur, extend scanning distances and deliver 100% reliable analysis.

Nano-Scan Makes it Possible!

Sub-pixel resolution is often critical to reach your application’s target scan success rate, speed of movement or distance to scan.

Sub-pixel resolution

Most barcode decoders need at least 3-5 pixels per bar to scan. Nano-Scan can decode with less than 1 pixel per bar.

Resolves the lost bars

This algorithm is critical to scan barcodes with blur where bars in the imaged barcode are merged together by movement or focus issues. Nano-Scan can detect bars in images that other decoders cannot see.

Scans Farther

Nano-Scan extends the maximum scan distance by making the image sensor resolution and focus distance less limiting factors. With less than 1 pixel per bar required, Nano-Scan can scan barcodes that are out of range for most other barcode scanning solutions.

Scan Barcodes with Blur - Try Nano-Scan - Free!

A blurred barcode on a drinks can. Viziotix barcode scanner sdk can scan blurred barcodes. Also known as Barcode Reader SDK or Barcode Decoder SDK.

Nano-Scan is an option in the Viziotix Barcode Decoder SDK that enables sub-pixel resolution analysis of the image. Using this technology, the barcode decoder library can resolve bars in the barcode with less than one pixel of information per bar. This extends the scanning distance, overcomes low-res image issues and allows barcodes with blur to be scanned. Both automated and manual scanning are made easier, scan success rates are maximized and, as a result, manual re-work is reduced to the absolute minimum. Test Nano-Scan using the Free-Trial link below or download the BarcodeScan Demo App from the app stores.

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