About Viziotix

Vision into Data – Viziotix develops Computer-Vision software to acquire data from images and allow companies to build solutions that automate and improve the efficiency of their operations.

Our technology acquires data from any image, including large (high resolution) images, that may contain multiple sources and types of data in any part of the image. These images could come from any camera mounted in a fixed position or integrated into mobile devices, robots or drones. The challenge we  solve is to ensure that we capture all the data in images, acquired under all conditions of illumination and movement.

Our team has 60+ years combined experience in Computer-Vision and barcode scanning and we are now applying this experience to the new world of software-only technology, hosted on generic platforms and using any type of camera. This “open” approach is replacing the existing dedicated, closed, hardware-based solutions that are costly in lifecycle, difficult to update, locked to performance improvements and often based on expensive custom components.

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Our Team

A headshot of Cedric Mollon Viziotix co-founder

Cedric Mollon

Marketing & Business Development

Founder & CEO

A headshot of Patrice Thebault Viziotix co-founder

Patrice Thebault

Software & Platforms


A headshot of Vincent Bessettes Viziotix co-founder

Vincent Bessettes

Software & Image Processing


A headshot of Franck Laffargue Viziotix co-founder

Franck Laffargue

Software & Computer Vision