iphone and Android barcode scanner demo app screenshot

iPhone Barcode Scanner Demo App

Our iPhone Barcode Scanner demo app is now also on the Apple App Store. Test the power of the Viziotix barcode scanner SDK with our new demo app for iOS devices. The Viziotix BarcodeScan Demo app showcases our enterprise-class barcode scanning speed and decoding algorithms for good and difficult barcodes. It is powered by our industry-leading SDK and provides unlimited barcode scanning and many settings adjustments. Download it today and start testing our SDK’s performance on your application barcodes with any smartphone.

Viziotix BarcodeScan Demo App

Full details about the iPhone Barcode Scanner Demo app for iOS (and Android) can be found in our blog article “Barcode Scanner Demo Apps“. This takes you through the uses and features of all the demo apps that we make available for iOS, Android, Windows and Linux. The intent of all of these apps is to allow you to easily test our SDK, without integration, on your application’s specific barcodes. In this way you can see the performance of our Barcode Scanner SDK before you decide to invest any resources in  development. We make these apps free to use to provide zero-cost testing in the early stages of your project.  

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