A picture of a computer chip to show GPU support and an NVIDIA logo by Viziotix. The Viziotix barcode scanner sdk supports GPUs. Viziotix barcode reader SDK. Viziotix barcode scanner sdk. Viziotix barcode decoder sdk.

Jetson Barcode Scanner

Make a Jetson barcode scanner! The NVIDA Jetson nano is often at the heart of industrial solutions.  The Viziotix Barcode Scanner SDK now supports hardware acceleration on NVIDIA Cuda-compatible GPUs. We are therefore fully compatible with the NVIDIA Jetson architecture out-of-the-box. Just enable the CUDA acceleration option in our barcode reader SDK and see the difference in speed!

Single or multiple cameras can be connected to process images aand scan the barcodes. This allows complex solutions to be designed including Gate Portal Scanners, Forklift Scanners, Conveyor Sorting Systems and Drone or robotics solutions.

THE GPU support helps Smart-Findr to locate every barcode at high-speed, even in large images with multiple barcodes in the field of view. This helps applications such as inventory scanning or putaway go faster, adding value to your solutions.

Inventory Management with Barcode Scanning. Boxes with barcode labels in a warehouse. The barcodes show green overlays as they have been scanned with the Viziotix barcode scanner SDK. Experts in barcode scanning. Viziotix barcode reader SDK. Viziotix barcode decoder SDK.
Pallet scanning, shelf inventory, sortation are some examples of Jetson barcode scanning.

Why Jetson for Barcode Scanning

The Jetson Nano computer is a compact yet powerful device engineered for a myriad of AI  and computer-vision applications, heralding a new era of edge computing. With its small form factor and impressive processing capabilities, the Jetson Nano empowers developers to power their solutions in a cost-effective way without compromising on performance. From barcode scanning, other image recognition and object detection to natural language processing and autonomous navigation, the Jetson Nano opens doors to a vast array of possibilities. Whether deployed in robotics, smart cameras, or embedded systems, this cutting-edge platform exemplifies versatility and efficiency, paving the way for innovation across industries.

 Check out our product page for latest info about the Viziotix barcode scanner SDK.

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