Euroshop 2023 retail event logo to show that Viziotix will show their barcode scanner technology

Visit us at EuroShop 2023 (Hall 5 D19-14)! We will demonstrate our transformative computer vision technology to scan barcodes with any camera device. Using the new mobile apps, we can show you the special techniques developed to locate barcodes in images and decode them – whatever the image or barcode quality. This process is almost instant for scanning single barcodes or even hundreds of barcodes in one frame and takes barcode scanning to the next level.

We will show how our software enables ultra-rapid inventory checks by sweeping past barcodes using smartphones, and can also be used on fixed cameras, drones or robots to scan whole shelves. The unique location algorithm, Smart-Findr, finds every barcode in images and allows robots and gate portals to scan shelves, baskets, cases and pallets in milliseconds. Additional algorithms overcome the challenges of distance, lighting and movement blur to make this possible.

We look forward to meeting you at our booth in Hall 5, D19-14. See our profile at EuroShop.

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