burred barcode Image of a 1D barcode taken with a low resolution camera where the bars are hard to separate.

Scan Blurred Barcodes

Scan blurred barcodes (barcodes with blur, or blurry barcodes) with our barcode scanner software.  The Viziotix SDK now includes the new “Nano-Scan” algorithm that decodes 1D barcodes at a sub-pixel level. Thanks to this advanced detection capability, our decoder can now scan blurred barcodes in out-of-focus images. Nano-Scan can also scan tiny barcodes, and read low-resolution images of 1D barcodes. EAN barcode, UPC barcode, Code 39, Code 128, i2of5, and MSI symbologies are all supported by Nano-Scan.

Most barcode scanner SDKs and barcode imagers need 3 to 5 pixels, or more, per narrow bar on the sensor to resolve the bars in the barcode. When the image sensor’s resolution is low, the narrow bars are too small (scanning tiny barcodes), the barcode is too far away, or there is blur, the barcode then becomes unreadable beyond a certain point. These issues add up to reduced scanning distance, “sweet spot”, and the user experience is poor. Devices or applications then suffer from low take-up or even abuse by users who find that their job is made more difficult by the tools they have to use.

A blurred barcode scanned by Viziotix Nano-Scan, a unique algorithm in the Viziotix barcode reader SDK that can scan blurred barcodes.
Close up of blurred bars in decoded barcode

How does it work?

At Viziotix, we use an advanced processing algorithm, called Nano-Scan, to find these narrow bars with only 0.7 pixels per bar and therefore scan blurred barcodes. This increases the power of any given sensor or camera. By breaking the sub-pixel limit, we increase scanning distances on all codes and compensate for movement blur. Therefore, any smartphone or camera-based solution will scan farther and with a higher scan success rate than with other barcode scanner SDKs. The user experience is improved and application take-up rates maximized.

On any given barcode, the scanning distance can be doubled over other SDKs and barcode scanners. Nano-Scan provides a significant, measurable difference to barcode scanning that will add value to any application or solution.

Nano-Scan is available as an option in the Barcode Scanner SDK and also available to test in the Free-Trial license. Try scanning blurred images with our demo apps to see how performance is maximized with Nano-Scan.

Check out our Nano-Scan page for further information on this amazing algorithm.

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