Boxes with barcode labels in a warehouse. The barcodes show green overlays as they have been scanned with the Viziotix barcode scanner SDK. Experts in barcode scanning. Viziotix barcode reader SDK. Viziotix barcode decoder SDK.

Lighting-fast barcode scanning software is transforming logistics and industry. Read the latest article in Logistics Business about how Viziotix is powering item tracking along the logistics chain. Working on generic hardware, Viziotix barcode decoding software enables OEMs and app developers to build warehouse inventory barcode scanning solutions to track items from orders through distribution and delivery. This expert barcode scanning software reads barcodes such as Code 128, Data Matrix, and QR Codes on smartphones, gate readers, conveyors, and robotics. The software is exceptional at reading multiple barcodes per image, with Maxi-Scan, and the rapid scanning of large, hi-res image files—and therefore ideal for automation

A parcel with a barcode label and green overlays that show barcodes scanned by the Viziotix warehouse inventory barcode scanner
A package on a conveyor in a warehouse inventory barcode scanning system. The barcodes on the label are scanned with Viziotix software.

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