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Welcome to the Viziotix news. These are the latest updates about the company, events, new releases, new product features, and more.

May 2022 Logistics Business
Logistics Game-Changer
A stack of parcels with barcode labels decoded by Viziotix
Lighting-fast barcode scanning software is a game-changer for logistics and industry. Read the latest article in Logistics Business about how Viziotix is powering item tracking along the logistics chain. Working on generic hardware, Viziotix barcode decoding software enables OEMs and app developers to build solutions to track items from orders, through distribution, to delivery. Expert software reads barcodes such as Code 128, Data Matrix and QR Codes on smartphones, gate-readers, conveyors and robotics. The software is exceptional at reading multiple barcodes per image and the rapid scanning of large, hi-res, image files - and therefore ideal for automation.
April 2022 Android SDK
Android SDK Launch
A smartphone capturing a barcode on a soda can using Viziotix software

The powerful Viziotix Barcode Software Scanner is now available for Android devices. The Android SDK can be downloaded for testing via the Download Free Trial link on our website. Watch this space for new versions and increased support for other platforms.

March 2022 White Paper
The GS1 Sunrise 2027 Initiative
An illustration of Viziotix White Paper Sunrise 2027
The GS1 Sunrise 2027 initiative is adding 2D barcodes to retail consumer packaging. In some cases, 2D matrix barcodes will replace the well known 1D UPC/EAN barcodes. This will impact OEMs of Barcode Scanners & Point of Sale Equipment, Retail Stores and Consumer Packaged Goods companies. Read more about this major change for barcodes in retail in our White Paper.
March 2022 Viziotix SDK Free Trial
Just click to download the Viziotix SDK – Free!
A keyboard picture with special Free Trial button in red

The link for a 30-day Free Trial of our expert barcode scanning SDK and Demo App is now live on our website. Test our performance on your robot, drone and smart-device images. Click on the ‘Free Trial’ button in the page menu above and start scanning.

February 2022 Logistics Business
Viziotix featured in Logistics Business
A cover of Logistics Business magazine

Breaking News! Logistics Business journal publishes an article on Viziotix and doks.innovation's warehouse inventory solution that features Viziotix barcode scanning software.

Check out Logistics Business article for more information

January 2022 Robotics Place
Viziotix joins the Robotics Place cluster
The logo of Member Robotics Place linking to Robotic Place web page

Robotics Place is a cluster of companies in the robotics space with the mission to stimulate research, unify partners and develop solutions. Early discussions with Robotics Place were instrumental to us setting up Viziotix and we are excited to now be an official member. We look forward to collaborating with Robotics Place, and the members, to advance and optimize our computer-vision and barcode scanning software for robotics and automation applications.

See Robotics Place announcement for more information.

January 2022 Viziotix and doks. innovation join forces
Viziotix and doks. innovation join forces for warehouse automation
A robot and tethered drone, both with cameras, in a warehouse scanning barcodes on pallets using the Viziotix barcode SDK
Viziotix announced a new partnership with doks. innovation. This partnership will accelerate the digitization of the warehouse with automatic robotic inventory counting. See here for more information
December 2021 Viziotix is joining Nubbo
Viziotix is joining Nubbo
We are pleased to announce that Viziotix is joining Nubbo, a leading French startup incubator and accelerator. We are confident that with Nubbo’s support in 2022, Viziotix will go from strength to strength. Exciting times ahead!
October 2021 Design win with doks. innovation GmbH
The industry is transitioning to Software Barcode Scanning
A robot and tethered drone, both with cameras, in a warehouse scanning barcodes on pallets using the Viziotix barcode SDK

Software barcode scanning is now clearly a viable alternative to hardware barcode readers.

Up until recently, the core of any barcode scanning system has always been a fixed barcode scanner, handheld reader or barcode scan engine (module). These dedicated devices are often large and expensive. They are also difficult to integrate and network into more complex solutions.

We are talking to companies that have already adopted or have started to see the benefits of camera scanning with barcode software. The camera choice is huge, ranging from tiny, inexpensive camera modules (as found in smartphones), to USB cameras and up to standard industrial cameras. Unlike most barcode readers, these cameras are often based on the latest, high-resolution CMOS sensors and offer the ability to capture wide areas with large depths of field in low light – particularly useful when you need to scan pallet locations or capture many barcodes at the same time. Industrial cameras with 20MP resolution are readily available for instance.

Further, our contacts confirm that using these cameras usually means a significant cost saving over dedicated barcode readers and a better project ROI. As an example, we are powering the doks. innovation GmbH warehouse inventory robot and drone application (Inventairy - shown) which features an onboard high-resolution camera.

Let us know if you want to know more about using standard cameras with barcode software!

September 2021 Creation of Viziotix
Viziotix opens its doors!

We are proud to announce the offical founding of Viziotix! The company is now created and registered as an SAS under French law. Let's get in touch! We can't wait to show you what Viziotix can do for your business and applications.

June 2021 GPU support
GPU Acceleration

Our SDK now supports hardware acceleration on NVIDIA Cuda compatible GPUs. We are therefore fully compatible with NVIDIA Jetson architecture out-of-the-box. Just enable the CUDA acceleration option in our SDK and see the difference in speed! Check out our product page for latest info about the SDK.

June 2021 Nano-Scan
Introducing Nano-Scan
A blurred single barcode with a green overlay to show that the code is decoded by the Viziotix barcode scanner SDK

Our SDK now includes the new "Nano-Scan" algorithm that decodes 1D barcodes at sub-pixel level. Thanks to this advanced detection capability, our decoder can now decode blurred, out-of-focus or low resolution images of 1D barcodes. The first version of Nano-Scan supports Code 39 and Code 128 symbologies. Check out our product page for latest info about the SDK.

May 2021 Maxi-Scan
Introducing Maxi-Scan
A stack of 28 boxes with barcode labels with a green overlay to show that all barcodes are decoded by the Viziotix barcode scanner SDK

Our team has created and implemented "Maxi-Scan" -  our new algorithm for finding barcodes wherever they are in the field-of-view of your images. Thanks to Maxi-Scan, our SDK will scan every barcode whatever the image size or position of the barcodes in the image (corners, edges etc.). Check out our product page for latest info about the SDK.

April 2021 First Beta Release
First beta release of our Barcode Reader SDK

After many months of dedicated work, our team is excited to make available the first version of our Barcode Scanning SDK for beta testing to selected customers. This first version includes support for UPC-EAN, Code 39, Code 128,  Datamatrix, QR and PDF417. Check out our product page for latest info about the SDK.