Teledyne showing Viziotix Barcode Scanning software at the ITE Expo on Image Technology and Equipment in Yokohama, Japan (December 6-8th, Booth D-04). The image shows Viziotix barcode scanning software scanning codes with a Teledyne camera that are on a moving conveyor.

Teledyne Demo at ITE

Teledyne, the specialist in image sensors and digital imaging, is showing Viziotix’s Barcode Scanning Software at the 45th “International Technical Exhibition” on Image Technology and Equipment in Yokohama, Japan (December 6-8th, Booth D-04). This is Japan’s largest exhibition of cutting-edge Machine Vision technology and it features digital image tech for machine vision, robot vision, AI, deep learning, medical care and security.

The Viziotix Barcode Scan Demo App

The Teledyne demo shows Viziotix barcode scanner software, running on a PC workstation, scanning 1D and 2D barcodes using the “Snappy Wide” camera sensor. The software and sensor combination is able to instantly capture the barcodes, identify their location and display the encoded data.

The demo shows how Teledyne machine vision sensors and cameras can be used together in fixed or mobile applications to scan barcodes at speed, and with the highest scan success rates. Teledyne has long been a leader in providing specialist sensors to the barcode scanning market and understands the specific optical requirements of barcode scanning.

The PC demo is running the Viziotix “Barcode Scan Demo” Windows app that is available from the Viziotix Free-Trial link. This app allows stored images, or images from a webcam, to be decoded by the SDK. Download the Free-Trial to test the software for your applications.  

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