Nubbo Startup Incubator: A warehouse racking system with pallets overlaid with the Viziotix and Nubbo logos

Viziotix Joins Nubbo Startup Incubator

We are pleased to announce that Viziotix is joining Nubbo, a leading French startup incubator and accelerator. Cedric Mollon, CEO, says: “We are confident that with Nubbo’s support in 2022, Viziotix will go from strength to strength. “

Nubbo supports B2B startups with innovative new technologies and solutions that have the potential to make significant improvements for customers in the target markets. 

Nubbo will support Viziotix as it works to establish itself as a top supplier of barcode scanning and computer vision software. Viziotix has already released barcode scanning SDKs for Linux and Windows and secured major international clients for its powerful barcode scanning software. Although the business was founded in September 2021, its four founders have a wealth of experience in machine vision and barcode scanning. The business is headquartered in Toulouse, France.

See the Products page for more information about the Viziotix  Barcode Scanner SDK.  Downloads of the Desktop Demo App and Mobile Demo Apps are also available.

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