Warehouse Inventory scanning drones in a warehouse scanning barcodes with Viziotix warehouse robotic barcode scanning software, the barcode scanner SDK. Viziotix barcode reader SDK. Viziotix barcode decoder SDK.

Warehouse Inventory Scanning Drones

Viziotix announced a new partnership with doks. innovation for warehouse inventory scanning drones. This partnership will accelerate the digitization of the warehouse with automatic robotic inventory counting. 

“By partnering with doks. innovation, we are leading the transformation and digitization of the
warehouse and distribution center,” says Cedric Mollon, Co-Founder and CEO at Viziotix. “Our
software enables the scanning of pallet and rack barcode labels using cameras integrated into robotic
applications, and we have overcome the challenges of distance, lighting, and movement blur to make
this possible.”

“We chose Viziotix for our automated inventory management solution inventairy. Our thorough
competitive analysis showed Viziotix software outperforms the other solutions available on the market
today, both in terms of reading rate and speed,” says Mike Becker, Co-Founder and Head of Software
Development at doks. innovation. “Going forward, we believe that our robotic drone solution,
inventairy, and Viziotix software, make for a powerful solution for the digitization of logistics.”

The benefits of this new partnership include:

• Lower warehouse costs to replace manual cycle and wall-to-wall stock counts
• A complete, continuously updated and accurate inventory for the error-free warehouse
• Better customer service and delivery times
• Further automation in logistics as both Viziotix and doks. innovation develop new products
and features

See the warehouse inventory scanning drones Case Study for more information.

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