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Free Barcode Scanner Download Trial

The Viziotix free barcode scanner SDK trial is now available. The download function for our expert barcode scanning SDK and Demo App is now live on our website with a 30-day free trial. Test our performance on your robot, drone, and smart-device images. Click on the “Download Free Trial” button on this page or in the menu above and start scanning.

You only need to provide basic information to validate your email and get access to our SDKs (all OS versions) and the Windows demo app. No payment or card details are necessary. The license will simply expire at the end of the 30-day period. After which, you are welcome to contact us if you need an extension.

Try the power of our barcode scanning in your application or automation solution. We have the fastest scanning times, even on images with very high resolution, and the highest scan success rates. We offer Maxi-Scan to scan an unlimited number of barcodes per image and Nano-Scan to scan blurred and low-resolution barcodes that would be out of range for other SDKs.

Using our expert SDK is the best way to guarantee the success of your project, and we offer full support for the trial, integration, and production.

Download this free barcode scanner trial to see how it works with your images. 

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