Diagram of the contents of the Viziotix barcode decoder sdk, or reader SDK or barcode scanner SDK showing api, scanner library, demo apps, and samples that are included.

First beta release of our Barcode Reader SDK

After many months of hard work, our team is pleased to deliver the first beta release of our barcode reader SDK for selected customer trials . The SDK includes the decoding library, tools, and samples to enable simple and quick integration into your product’s software stack, ensuring that your solution is ready to begin scanning barcodes as soon as possible. Support for UPC/EAN, Code 39, Code 128, Data Matrix, QR, and PDF417 is provided in this version.

Compatible with Linux and Windows platforms, and any camera, the first target applications are barcode scanning automation solutions for logistics and retail.  The exceptionally fast location finding of barcodes in large images and the ability to decode many barcodes at once make this version ideal for intensive barcode scanning applications.

The barcode scanning SDKs are available on a 30-day free trial basis (no payment info necessARY. Also available is a Windows demo app that uses the SDK and allows you to quickly test single images, or whole image data sets to see the barcode scanning performance in terms of speed and scan success rates. Therefore you can start testing without any development.

Download our software with a free trial or click on the Learn More button.

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