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Breaking News! Logistics Business Journal (31 January 2022) publishes an article on Viziotix and doks.innovation‘s warehouse inventory solution that features the Viziotix logistics Barcode Reader SDK.

Our logistics Barcode Reader SDK software powers the barcode scanning on the doks’ inventory drone solution. Doks needed software that could find every code in the high-resolution image files and then decode them at high speed. Viziotix was the only solution available to provide the scan rate and speed required. Our software ensures that robots and drones can move at speed and work in real-time to send the most up-to-date information to the warehouse WMS database for immediate action.

The key points covered in this article include:

  • The scan speed of the Barcode Reader SDK is critical to the overall process speed and the speed at which the robot can move.
  • Inventory Robots use high-resolution cameras with wide angle fields of view. This means that many barcodes may be in each image frame. Viziotix Smart-Findr and Maxi-Scan combine to ensure that every barcode is found and decoded. the Scan Success Rate is also critical to these applications.  
  • This is just the start of automation in the warehouse. Not only will more functionality become available within the Barcode Reader SDK and warehouse inventory robots, but automation will spread to other applications such as picking, receiving inspection and other applications within the four walls.

Check out the Logistics Business article for more information. See the Case Study  or the Logistics page for further information on using the best Barcode Reader SDK for warehouse automation, sorting, parcel delivery, and more.

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