A screen shot of the Viziotix barcode scanner demo app to show the benefits of software barcode scanning.

Software Barcode Scanning

Implementing software barcode scanning has emerged as a viable alternative to investing in hardware barcode readers. Traditionally, barcode scanning systems relied on fixed scanners or handheld devices, which were expensive, single-sourced, and challenging to integrate into complex solutions. However, the shift towards software barcode scanning offers several advantages.

Benefits of Software Barcode Scanning

Viziotix barcode decoder SDK scans barcodes on medicine production line. Also known as Barcode Scanner SDK or Barcode Reader SDK
Camera based software barcode scanning

The key benefits of software barcode scanning include:

  • Flexibility: use any camera ranging from affordable smartphone modules to industrial cameras with high-resolution CMOS sensors. This versatility enables wide-area scanning, low-light functionality, and the ability to capture multiple barcodes simultaneously, making it ideal for various applications. Industrial cameras with 20MP resolution and upwards are readily available (for one example, see Teledyne).
  • Lower Total Cost: off-the-shelf cameras and camera modules are generally more cost-effective than dedicated barcode readers, resulting in significant cost savings and improved return on investment. See this case study.
  • Scalability: software based scanning also allows for product scaling, as solutions can be built on platforms like the NVIDIA Jetson with Linux or Android-based operating systems, enabling optimal scanning speed based on specific requirements.
  • Open Architecture: the shared use of cameras and the open architecture of software facilitate the extraction of various data types, such as presence or absence tests, object recognition, and optical character recognition (OCR), eliminating the need for additional hardware for each data type and reducing size and cost.
  • Ready for the Future: with continuous updates and performance enhancements, a software based scanning solution remains up to date and continually improves in performance.
Viziotix barcode scanner SDK on smartphone
Software barcode scanning on a smartphone


Overall, software barcode scanning offers a compelling alternative to traditional hardware barcode readers, providing flexibility, cost savings, scalability, and a constantly evolving platform. Explore the advantages of software scanning for your business.

You can test the Viziotix software barcode scanner using the smartphone apps from the app stores or by downloading the free-trial SDK.

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